Meet Justen

Justen Charters started in OSINT in 2014 as an investigative reporter, monitoring ISIS Twitter accounts and social media activity. He left reporting to work in private sector intelligence, focusing on tracking extremists and international relations.

Justen later expanded his skill sets to include disinformation, foreign influence, fraud, foreign social media research, due diligence, and other areas of OSINT.

He has provided his OSINT training to municipal and federal law enforcement, Fortune 100 companies, private investigative firms, attorneys, defense contractors, cybersecurity professionals, marketing firms, accountants, researchers, and more. In addition, he provides OSINT services to a variety of clients.

He has OSINT certifications from Michael Bazzell's Intel Techniques, i-Intelligence, and Blockchain Intelligence Group. Justen is also a licensed private investigator in Utah. Apart from Unchartered, he helps run Strike Source, an OSINT research and analysis platform cited by major media for its investigative findings.

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